Dessert Beers


Please specify which beer you would like to try in comments. Our system is having trouble with listing each individual beer brand but we are working on updating our site and should have it fixed by the first week of August. Thanks for your patience.

If you chose a $6 or $11 beer we will update in system manually. We can also do a 4pk variety for $36. Let us know and we can update the order price on our end.

We have the following beers available.

Burley Oak ($6 each)
– Hallo
– Nightmare

Four Score Beer Co. : Soft Swerve ($9 each)
– Black Cherry Sugar Cone
– Watermelon Bubblegum

RAR: Out of Orders ($11 each)
– Fizzy Lifting Drink
– Fudge Dipped Strawberries
– Everlasting Rainbow
– Salty Goose


We’re adding a few exclusive beers we think you might like.

They are SOUR ALES and LACTOSE based. Full of TERPS TERPS TERPS!

Brewing Companies we carry;

Burley Oak : JREAM

Imprint : Schmooj

RAR : Out Of Order

Fourscore Beer Co. : Soft Swerve